About the Editors

Evegeny Pashentsev is a Doctor of History, Professor of History of World Civilizations at Moscow City Pedagogical University. He is also a consultant at the Institute of Latin America, and a guest lecturer at the International Center for Education and Culture, coedits the Russian Progressive Review and is the editor of books and numerous articles on international contemporary history, political sciences and public relations that have been published in Russian, English and Spanish languages. Professor Pashentsev is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Russian Association of International Studies, the Union of Russian Writers, and the Russian Public Relations Association.

Constantine Miniar-Beloroutchev is Assistant Professor of History at Moscow State University. His fields of academic interest include nineteenth and twentieth century U.S. History, International Relations and Military History. Professor Miniar-Beloroutchev currently gives lectures on Historical Geography of the Modern World at Moscow State University. In 2001 he published his first monograph "American Isolationism in the Second World War: Post-War Foreign Policy Formation."

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